The Sun in the Twelfth House: This tends to be a behind-the-scenes year for many. You might not get the recognition you would like or think you deserve. But it could be just too soon. If you wait, things can turn around. This is a time for the one-year project. What you are attempting to do might not be ready for review for a year. Development can take that long, so work quietly for the time being. When the Sun is in the 12th, you tend to have more of a closet personality. The demands of others can be overwhelming, especially if you are drawn to those who are sick or needing assistance. Make sure the people you attempt to help want to be helped, otherwise you will fall prey to savior/victim syndrome. Most of all, this is a time for reflection, meditation, integration, and organization. If you allow your mind to become too unstructured and unfocused, you could experience anxiety. The CHALLENGE for the coming year when the Sun is in the 9th house is to translate spiritual experiences, intuition and compassion into a philosophy to live by. One-year writing projects can be ready for publication. The ASSET from the previous year when the Sun was in the 3rd house is a wealth of new information seeking integration and organization.