September 3, 1996 STAR

The chart shows the planetary positions on or about September 2-4, 1996. Variations in the date occurred because of different time zones and locations on the planet. In it, we can see the presence of two interlocking triangles forming the Star of David. The Moon is in Taurus, but the Star was still in effect when the Moon was in early degrees of Gemini, highlighting the switch from earth-water to air-fire. This is the first of the four stars presented to include all four of the elements, (fire, earth, air and water), in harmonious relationship. Differences in harmony is a theme of this short lived Star, the 1996 Twin Star occurring one month later. It is interesting that the September star was flanked by two hurricanes on the U.S. east coast, Edouard which hit New England early on September 2, 1996 and Hurricane Fran which began to shower the east coast late on September 3rd. The time of this Star was tumultuous and in fact, the union of two opposites can be a whirlwind time. Many of us were horrified when 30 black churches burned in the South. In California, ebonics was recognized as black English despite protest. Dolly, the first cloned sheep was born in 1996. When stripped of her "Her Royal Highness" title, Princess Diana went on to become a great humanitarian, fighting for the removal of land mines and champing causes important to those less fortunate.

The blue triangle is formed by Neptune in late Capricorn, Uranus in early Aquarius, the Moon in late Taurus, and Mercury in early Libra. This is the earth-air triangle. In astrological terms, it is interpreted as having to do with grounding (earth) and being present in an insightful and conscious way (air).

The red triangle is formed by Saturn in early Aries, Mars and Venus in late Cancer, and Pluto in early Sagittarius. This is the fire-water triangle. In astrological terms, it is interpreted as signaling our drive (fire) to master (Saturn) our emotions (water), actions (Mars), and relationships (Venus).