September 4, 2001 STAR

The 2001 Star of David was a fire and air star. Earth and water were not involved. The Fire Grand Trine is formed by the Moon in Aries, Venus in Leo, and Pluto in Sagittarius. The Air Grand Trine was formed by Saturn in Gemini, Mercury in Libra, and Neptune in Aquarius. The fact that Pluto is trine to Venus showed a change in finances and wealth management. The stock market declined sharply with the Dot Com crash and some stocks never recovered. An energy crisis occurred in California with rolling blackouts. Price fixing came to light and eventually Enron collapsed. We learned of the excesses and deceptions of corporate executives as the retirement savings of millions disappeared (Neptune opposed Venus.)

The big news of this Star was the attack on the World Trade Center seven days after the Star's appearance and the war in Afghanistan. This was a War Star like the August 1990 Star of David. Here the Sun was closely squared by Saturn and Pluto showing a loss of life and bodily injury. Aspects between Pluto and Saturn are commonly associated with war astrologically, but here the threat was made more dangerous with the squares to the Sun. Biological warfare was a possibility and anthrax was in our mail system. Fanatical thinking and emotional responses occurred, (the Moon opposed Mercury, both squared by Jupiter). This was a reactionary chart and not a thinking chart. Not only were we attacked, but we went to war.

There were two Grand Trines and two T-squares in the Star. There were also two planets that did not belong to any of the configurations, Mars and Uranus. They were rebel planets and indicated individuals who acted outside of religious, societal, and moral dictates through aggression and surprise, (Moon and Mercury were in opposition and both squared to Jupiter.) Unfortunately, this star is only the beginning of the descent as the 2002 Star of David was also a War Star.