June 24, 2007 STAR

First and foremost, this was not a War Star. There was no square to the Sun. Mars, (the ruler of war), refranated from Aries, (a sign that it rules), into Taurus (a sign of detriment), before the Moon could oppose it. Refranations mean that matters can be dropped. In this case, the Iraq War fell out of favor and was seen as unfounded. Additionally, adversity and great difficulty is traditionally shown by a T-square configuration. There wasn't a T-square in this 2007 Star, the first time this had occurred since 1995. The lack of a T-square in the 1995 Star of David preceded the cease fire in Bosnia and the Middle East Peace Accord. After this Star, the Federal Courts ruled against President Bush's Enemy Combatant Policy. There was rising support for troop withdrawal, (Mercury retrograde is the ruler of reassessment, retreat, and repair) Uranus is stationary retrograde (appearing to move backwards) in this Star while in the 2002 Iraq War Star it was stationary direct (starting to move forward). The issue of war was key to the presidential election and the candidate who ran on an anti-war, troop withdrawal platform won, (Barack Obama).

There was only one square in the 2007 Star of David. Uranus in Pisces squares Jupiter in Sagittarius. Fanaticism was still present, but the principles on which religion is founded and the influence of prominent religious leaders began to overshadow the more radical element.

Responsible fiscal policies should have set the tone for expenditures, (Saturn was conjunct Venus.) Unfortunately, this did not happen. The housing bubble burst and the subprime mortgage melt down ensued. Corporate financial mismanagement and deceit (Venus opposing Neptune) lead to a collapse of financial institutions and recession. Personal and national debt reached a crisis as global warming became a major concern. There needs to be a national and global movement toward conservation.