The Sun in the Third House: The Sun in the 3rd house emphasizes the rational mind and all intellectual pursuits. This is a good time for reading, writing, communicating, and studying. Your mind tends to be active and it is good to have something that you are interested in investigating and learning. A restless mind, all dressed up with no place to go might tend to become anxious or depressed. Mental stability is a factor during this time and can make or break the year so pursue your intellectual interests with great fervor. Stoke the fire, don't starve it. This is also a good time for community involvement. The CHALLENGE for the coming year when the Sun moves to the 12th house is to integrate all the information and facts you have gathered. Knowledge and understanding can also lead to greater compassion. The ASSETS from the previous year when the Sun was in the 6th house are common sense and practical applications for what you are learning. If you organized your day and watched your health, you have lots of good study time and a sharp mind.