The Sun in the Eighth House: The Sun in the 8th house is noted for change. These are the people who change lifestyles or pick up and move cross country. Individuals quit their jobs and go to school. Parents who have been raising children, go back to work. Couples get married, others get divorced. Life-styles change in a big way. This is also the house of acute perception. You know more than you are told or could/should ever say. Some of the perceptions are intuitive, others are psychological. But you are able to perceive others motivations and inner dynamics clearly. You are also very aware of manipulations by others. All this is to take you to a new level of self-empowerment. During the year you can learn how to sidestep power issues involving money, sex, or controlling influences if you pay attention. The CHALLENGE for the coming year when the Sun moves to the 5th house is to makes the necessary changes and empower yourself so that you can truly express yourself in a creative way. The ASSET from the previous year when the Sun was in the 11th house is the ability to question the status quo and establish new goals and a new order.