Spiritual Writings are

under the pen name

Mary Juno

and can be found at


including Heart Journey

"I believe that astrology offers a unique opportunity for insight and understanding into life's purpose, meaning, lessons, and timing. It is a tool meant to enhance one's decision making power and self-psychological awareness. On a spiritual level it indicates a pattern of growth toward manifesting the Soul's highest potential."

Mary is an internationally acclaimed author, lecturer, counselor, and astrologer. A lifelong student of mysticism and metaphysics, Mary integrates spiritual principles with psychological concepts to foster personal growth, give clarity to life purpose and vocation, and harmonize the body, heart and mind. For the past 30 years, Mary has developed and conducted creative education programs on astrology and pathways to Higher Consciousness. She is the author of Planets in Solar Returns: Yearly Cycles of Transformation and Growth (Revised Edition, Solar Returns: A Study, and Making Choices with the Outer Planet Transits: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, and Heart Journey.

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