At this point in the electional chart process, I am wondering how this will all come about. I can see myself at the pool and my children in the water. I see us moving higher on the waiting list and becoming honored guests. But how? Then I notice Neptune and Uranus in the 3rd house. Neptune rules confusion or matters undefined. Uranus rules change. The 3rd house rules bylaws. The bylaws of the pool are unclear in some way and subject to change. This is information I can use to my advantage. I know from the chart that I should not just submit my application. I should write a complementary letter (Libra Ascendant and Venus in Taurus as my ruler) stating that we were past members for many years and how much we had enjoyed the pool. I should also mentioned our difficult situation and ask if there are any considerations given to returning members. This might bring the bylaws into question, triggering a change and allowing us to move higher on the waiting list. This is exactly what happened.