An electional chart tells you the most propitious time to initiate your project with the greatest "finality". Finality is when you do the last possible thing to initiate your project before it is totally out of your hands. For example, when you mail a letter or contract by putting it in a post office slot or blue mailbox, it is out of your hands. If you place it in the mailbox with the flag up in front of your house, it is not out of your hands until the mail person comes by and collects it. If you can retrieve it, it is still under your control. A contract is not final when you sign it. It is final when you give the contract to the other person or mail it. Determining the moment of finality is crucial in Electional Astrology.

To create an election chart, first an astrologer must pick the best day to initiate your project. The planets, aspects and signs should reflect your intentions. This is a good start, but more may be required. An astrologer can also pick the most propitious time on any particular day. This is called an elected time and a chart set up for this time, date and place is called an election chart. The chart should be a planetary picture of your vision and should say what you want to happen. Within this chart you should see the challenges and opportunities you will face during your quest for success.