I believe that electional astrology is an art form, not an exact science consisting of hard and fast rules, any one of which can make or break an election. I am not a fatalist. I do not believe that God or the Universe must obey my command if I come up with the perfect election chart, assuming it existed! Nor do I believe that God or the Universe is waiting with dire consequences should I choose an inappropriate time. I do believe that electional astrology opens the door to co-creative cooperation with higher forces or intuition and possible success.

It has been my observation that those who formulate their plans carefully and bring a lot to the table in the way of skills, intelligence and effort, are not only more likely to succeed, they are also more likely to pick good times astrologically. Those who consistently come up short and experience bad luck tend to pick difficult times which reflect a lack of forethought, skills, intelligence, and effort. This is not a fatalistic predestination, but a non-causal correlation. Election charts are meant to be informative, not causal, and picking a great election time never absolves you from participation in a meaningful way.

Astrology is a symbolic language. The election chart must symbolically say what you wish to occur, and hopefully, give you insight into how this will happen and what your role should be in the process. In my experience election charts do not and cannot come with guarantees. However, a good election chart can indicate how to initiate, proceed, and succeed. In this way, a good election chart can improve your chances for success through a co-creative interaction with God or a responsive Universe. You are working "with" higher forces, applying your skills, intelligence and efforts in the most productive and efficient manner. To further illustrate this, see the Step-by-Step Example.)