Tuesday, September 6th
Wednesday, September 7th
Moon in Scorpio
Moon's final aspect sextile Jupiter

The Moon makes all good aspects in this Moonsign. Look for an important person to give his or her approval as the Moon will sextile the Sun on the 6th. Next the Moon will sextile Pluto. Since the Moon is in Scorpio, Pluto is the Moon's depositor. The sign of Scorpio and also Pluto rule endings and regeneration. Since Mercury is retrograde at this time, and Mercury retrograde rules all things that begin with an "R", you might be able to renege on a promise or commitment and still come out smelling like a rose. One set of circumstances passes away so something new can arise. Financial stability to possible in the midst of change as Venus is sextile to Saturn.

Plans are not as involved on Wednesday, the 7th. There are only two Moon aspects. First the Moon will sextile Mercury retrograde, and then sextile Jupiter. Any turn around is short and sweet.