Saturday, October 28th
Moon in Aquarius
Moon's final aspect sextile Uranus retrograde

The Moon in Aquarius starts out with a trine to Venus in rulership in Libra. Your avenue to success comes through compromise and cooperation. Relationships are important even if only acquaintances are involved. One hand washes the other. Secrets abound. Information about the situation or process is hidden and might never be revealed as the Moon goes on to square Mercury in Scorpio. Squares to Mercury by the Moon do not usually indicate a major problem, but there is probably a lot more backroom maneuvering and politics than you are aware of. The Aquarian tendency is to stay above the noise and removed from unnecessary drama.

In the end, things do settle down and all's well that ends well. The Moon makes a sextile to stabilizing Saturn. Organization and planning help with this step. Next the Moon parallels the Sun, a sign of success. Accomplishment may come through the assistance of an important person. And finally, with the Moon sextile retrograde Uranus, the changes you were hoping for are realized especially if you wish to roll back previous decisions and policy changes.