Monday, May 29th
Tuesday, May 30th
Moon in Leo
Moon's final aspect sextile Mars in Gemini

The majority of good aspects occur on May 31st, but very early in the morning so you need to start your project on either the 29th or the 30th. The Moon enters Leo at 8:12 am EDT on Monday the 29th.

Starting on the 29th, the Leo Moon first makes a sextile to the Sun. A good aspect to the Sun is always a sign of possible success. This is because the Sun and the Moon can never turn retrograde and therefore cannot disappoint you. This is early in the Moon's presence in this sign, so there are high hopes for your project and perhaps an early indication of success. From there, the Moon goes on to sextile Jupiter in Libra. Maybe you can enlist the assistance of others in your project. There is only one negative Moon aspect and it is a minor one. The Moon will square Mercury in Taurus. Do not be too opinionated and stubborn. Better to modify your design, but stay creative. Change can be a good thing.

Once you have made an adjustment, the Leo Moon goes on to form a Grand Trine in fire with a trine to Venus in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Uranus in Aries. This is a powerful Grand Trine with the emphasis on beneficial change amid stability. Change is a keyword here as the Moon's final aspect is a sextile to Mars and Mars is sextile to Uranus.

So, use these days to make major creative changes that are beneficial in the long run. Have a well-thought out plan, but be open to modifications and improvements along the way.