Thursday, December 7th until 5:40 pm EST
Moon in Leo
Moon's final aspect sextile Mars

Mercury is retrograde and I know that is never a fan favorite, but you can use this retrograde Mercury in detriment and conjunct to Saturn to your advantage if you remember that you are dealing with an uninformed, uneducated, dumb, and forgetful Mercury. What others don't know, can't hurt them and can work to your advantage. The Moon's final aspect is a sextile to Mars in detriment in Libra. This means that you succeed even when you should not and because the aspect is a sextile, someone helps you succeed. That person is most likely represented by Mercury.

The Moon is in Leo, a fire sign, and it trines the Sun in Sagittarius, trines Uranus in the fire sign of Aries, then trines Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius before the sextile to Mars. The Moon creates a fire Grand Trine. I believe Mercury retrograde and in detriment is the key to your success. Look for someone who, on one hand, does not know the rules, or on the other hand uses a technicality or loop hole to get away with something. Don't expect intelligence. You are more likely to bungle your way to a positive outcome.