2. What location should you use in calculating your solar return chart?

You can use your natal location, the location for your current home, or your current location if you are away from home. The difference is as follows:
  • The natal location is like a progression. You are born with this series of Solar Returns and there is no modification for free-willed choices, but the charts do work.
  • The Solar Return for your present residence reflects the changes you have made over the years. If you have moved away, the location and the orientation of the Solar Return has changed reflecting the internal shift.
  • The location for your exact position at the time of the Sun's return is in my opinion the most accurate because it most closely reflects your present state of mind and any free-willed choices you have made. It is not necessary that you remain in this location for the year or even for very long. You only need relocate long enough to set your intention or about a day.