3. Can you go on vacation for a day to change your Solar Return chart?

Yes, you can. You cannot change the planetary positions, but you can change their house positions and the orientation of the Solar Return by moving east or west. The configurations stay the same, but you choose how you wish to work with them. For example, you have a t-square coming up in your next Solar Return. It falls in the 1st-10th-7th houses. You decide you do not wish to focus on relationships at this time. You would rather relocate with your company and move to another part of the country. In this case, you might go on vacation, change your Solar Return location and shift the t-square into the 10th-1st-4th houses which would more accurately fit your goals. The relocated Solar Return will begin to act on you as soon as you commit in your mind to make a change. In this way, you can try on the new Solar Return even before you travel! One reminder though, you can change your Solar Return, but you cannot change your transits, progressions and solar arcs. It doesn't do any good to travel when these methods continue to emphasize what you are seeking to avoid.