November 14, 2011 STAR

My interpretation of the previous Star of August 5, 2011 mentions financial inequity and the continuing abuse by corporations and governments noted by Jupiter in Taurus (overspending and greed) square to Venus (blinded by a conjunction to the Sun) and all this in secrecy (with the square to the activity Moon in Scorpio). The psychological climate changes with this new Star of David. The first thing to note is that the Moon is in Cancer, the sign of the people and the general public. This is shift in power which was clearly demonstrated by the "Move Your Money, Change Your Bank" day. Individuals were encouraged to move their accounts from large banks to small community banks and credit unions. People spoke with their pocketbooks and it was powerful. Bank of America was also forced to withdraw the $5 a month debit card fee. This movement of power to the people is likely to continue and not just with banks. The public is now able to stay informed and organized through social media and other forms of communication. This is a game changer. Note the Gemini-Cancer Moon square to Uranus and opposed to Pluto. The public is not so easily controlled and the public is not happy with government (Moon opposite Pluto in Capricorn).

More information is likely to come out with Mercury so close to Venus, though it will be slow in coming with the Moon's final aspect a square to Saturn. But it will come out with the Moon making a trine to the Sun in secrecy Scorpio and Venus conjunct to Mercury. Venus is in Sagittarius, which is the sign of ethics and it is in mutual reception with Jupiter in Taurus. Planets that are in mutual reception get back to normal. I would suspect both redistribution of wealth with this placement and the institution of stiff regulations (Moon square to Saturn in exaltation in Libra) The next president of the USA will be one who runs on a platform of financial regulation, higher taxes for the 1%, and new taxes for off-shore corporations. This is not a war star. Though the Sun is at the apex of a t-square with Mars and Neptune, the orbs are very wide. The pullouts in Iraq and Afghanistan will continue.

It is interesting to note the recent attacks on women's healthcare in regard to contraception and personal choice. With Venus in Sagittarius, the sign of legal matters and in mutual reception to Jupiter in Taurus, I believe a woman's right to contraception and choice will be upheld. Jupiter (legal) is sextile to the Moon in Cancer, (basic rights). Recent impediments to women's healthcare in certain states will be declared unconstitutional or reversed. In regard to the Supreme Court and Obama healthcare reform, I believe some legislation will stand, specifically the right to insurance, (again Moon in rulership Cancer sextile Jupiter in Taurus), but I am not so sure about the mandate to buy health insurance. This part of Obamacare might be struck down. I say this because the progressed Moon in Cancer (rights) will oppose Pluto in Capricorn (government) in mid-May 2012. The Supreme Court decision is due in June, the earlier in June, the closer to this aspect.