It seems appropriate here to say a few words about pirated books. My fellow writers and I are very demoralized by the fact that some readers think it is okay to download a pirated copyrighted book for free. It is not. This is stealing and anyone who reads my books probably knows there will be a karmic debt to pay. That's the way the Universe works. What you put out, comes back to you. I regularly spend time removing my books from download sites. This is time I could be spending writing a book on electional astrology. Some days I wonder, "Why even bother to write?"

I am a self-publisher. I do not receive an advance. I pay to print, store, ship, distribute, and advertise even when books are not selling. My books are sitting in a warehouse while bookstores and distributors go bankrupt. I have been advised not to print any more books. This is what it has come to. So when this print run of Planets in Solar Returns: Yearly Cycles of Transformation and Growth (Revised Edition) runs out, there may not be another paper edition, a loss to those who like or need a portable paper format.

Please, do not download pirated copyrighted material, (and all my books are copyrighted), whether it is a book, song, movie, image or software. It is stealing and chances are your membership fees for these "free" download sites goes to organized crime groups and terrorists. This has become the new way to raise money for these groups, safer than running drugs, and legal in some countries.