Movement of the Sun in the Solar Return Chart: Because we have leap year every four years, the time of the Solar Return chart changes about six hours per year. This means that the Sun will return at a time other than your birthtime and perhaps a day or two early or late. This steady six hour rotation also means that if you stay in the same location from year to year, you will see a cycle associated with the Sun's movement as it moves clockwise three houses yearly. This movement indicates the cycle of development you are in. You might be experiencing the Sun consistently in angular houses, succeedent or cadent. Each of these developmental rotations can last for ten to eleven years depending on latitude and degrees of long and short ascension. But the movement of the Sun from one Solar Return to another is like a clock moving forward but slowly losing time. Over a period of years, the angular rotation shifts into a succeedent pattern, eventually to a cadent pattern, and then back to angular again. Included in the following pages are brief interpretations for the house placements of the Sun in these developmental cycles. They are not in the order that one might expect since each stage seems to have its own beginning and ending.